Crisis Intervention Team Workshops

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Paton’s multi-step training workshop is based on his own experience with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder and the law. The workshop trains law enforcement and others about CIT Pause tactics while also educating about mental illness from a consumer’s perspective. The N.I.C.E Workshop specializes on how to deescalate situations involving people with mental illness, by providing real-life examples, role play, videos, and audio recordings of Paton’s own episodes and personal experience with law enforcement. This workshop is perfect for first responders, law enforcement and safety teams.

6 Pillars of Recovery

Paton has developed a successful recovery system over many years. He emphasizes the holistic approach of integrating peer support, therapy, medication, diet, advocacy, and spiritual processes that are paramount to finding peace and recovery in the midst of turmoil.

Paton is organic and reactive during his workshop presentations and will tailor each to fit the needs of an organization. Additionally, Paton has often combined his workshops together or is able to add scenario role play with the audience.

*Ask us about customizing your own training workshop


Here’s what you can expect when hearing from Paton:

· Riveting, compelling, and shocking reenactments of true events

· Transparency behind the mental activity of someone suffering with mental illness

· Compassionate, heartfealt & emotional delivery

· Hope, encouragement & call to action!




*Pricing and details can be found in Paton’s Media Kit