About Paton Blough

Paton’s Story

Paton Blough is no stranger to hard work. He entered the Alaskan workforce at the age of 14 to work as a commercial fisherman. After moving to South Carolina to study at Bob Jones University, he began his own tree company and transformed it into a million dollar business within five years. At 26, Paton’s success was put into jeopardy when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder. Paton began to experience severe mania and depression. During this unhinged period, he frequented both jails and mental hospitals. This subsequently led to the end of his first marriage, the loss of his company, and ultimately, the loss of his dignity. In the shadows of one of Paton’s darkest chapters, he was introduced to mental health programs, support groups and education that radically changed his life’s direction. Years later, his own experiences and recovery have prompted him to fight for mental health reform on a local, state and national level. With a life rehinged, Paton now works hard at giving back full time. He is a SC state board member for NAMI and SHARE, along with being the founder of Rehinge.com, an online mental health forum. He is a passionate legislative advocate that has authored statewide mental health reform plans in which two bills were passed. Paton has trained hundreds of law enforcement and first responders through CIT programs. While Paton’s journey was not always easy, hope was found and dignity reclaimed. Paton continues to be in demand throughout the country for speaking engagements, media spotlights, providing consumer counsel and legislating on the need for mental health reform.